Boat Detailing Saskatoon Service

yacht detailing saskatoonThe ocean can cause the exterior of boats to collect surface grime. We clean it all off and do interior boat detailing, too, no matter the size! Whether it’s a fishing boat or a yacht, we can clean and wash it inside and out! If you buy a used motor boat in Saskatoon and would like it to look brand new again, we can do that with a combination of exterior polish and interior vacuuming. We pay attention to every finite detail, making fishing boats and yachts as clean as whistles inside and out for the greater love of sailing lakes and the high seas. Let’s get your boat detailing Saskatoon service underway!

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Yacht and Fishing Boat Detailing Saskatoon SK

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Saskatoon boat cleaning services can be had today for a fair cost and friendly service after calling for a free quote. We’re proud of our low boat waxing prices and look forward to seeing your yacht, your hovercraft, your cruiser, your fishing boat or any other maritime craft cleaned, washed, polished, waxed and touched up in all regards and every aspect. We hold various options for boat detailing Saskatoon services, giving an all-around full boat wash service that will have the boys at the fishing derby jealous. We’ve had the pleasure of washing hundreds of different boats over the years across Saskatoon and all surrounding areas. From Rice Lake and Moon Lake to the South Saskatchewan River, our professional boat cleaners can’t wait to wash your boat with the best cleaning supplies. We detail sail boats, motor boats, inside and outside, so you’ll swear your boat was just purchased yesterday. Call (306) 900-4556 for same-day expert boat detailing Saskatoon SK services today!

Boat Engine Detailing and Cleaning Services in Saskatoon SK CANADA

As sailors who love to go fishing. We understand all too well what having a freshly detailed boat engine or motor can do for the overall pleasure and performance of the fishing trip. When we do a full boat wash service engine detailing comes included. We make the appearance of the engine or motor shimmer and sparkle, removing unwanted grime and oil build-up. Call our professionals today to get your boat cleaning service underway!