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Welcome to Auto Detailing Saskatoon. Our detailing business specializes in car wash services for everyone in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. We also do internal auto detailing in our professional auto body shop, but this is by appointment only and we please ask you to call our professional car cleaners for a free quote and to book your car detailing Saskatoon services today! We can’t wait to your automobile sparkly clean, inside and out, as we do everything from exterior and interior car washing to engine detailing and a whole lot more! We’re beyond excited to get started today!


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Exterior & Interior Detailing Services for All Vehicles from Martensville to Casa Rio, SK, CA

Here at Auto Detailing Saskatoon we put care into each service so you won’t be able to find a single speck of dirt anywhere on your automobile a minute after our car wash service is finished, guaranteed! From Eagle Ridge to the heart of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, we put pride into each stroke of the cleaning sponge and each spray of the power cleaner to give a satisfactory finish and quality shine. Find out what decades of experience and love for the automotive industry can do with our professional internal and exterior car detailing Saskatoon SK services. We’re waiting for your call!

Read What Clients Are Saying!

We got permission to share some feedback we got over email with you. We believe it’s important to share what other people are saying about our detailing business because we want to prove that we’re in the business to make people smile and enjoy their vehicles more. Car detailing Saskatoon services have the potential to change the way people see their automobiles and we find that people like driving more and commuting to work is a better experience when the inside and outside of their van, truck or car is clean.

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Aircraft Detailing Services

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Whether it’s a hovercraft, air plane, private jet or helicopter, we bring our experience and dedication to the table to provide full service aircraft detailing. Let’s get your aircraft detailing Saskatoon service underway today!

Boat Detailing Services

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Whether it’s a yacht, fishing boat, sailing boat or race boat, we got you covered for all boat detailing Saskatoon services. Let the professionals swab the deck, as we also do interior boat detailing and boat shampoo!

Motorcycle Detailing Services

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Whether it’s a scooter, chopper, motorbike, ATV or motorcycle, we got you covered for all related detailing services. We do motorcycle engine detailing and polish services to perfection, as we understand the joy of riding bikes of all types.

Internal Car Wash Saskatoon SK Services You Can Trust

Everything from a touchless car wash to a waterless car wash and everything in between is available here at our internal detailing business. Auto Detailing Saskatoon puts decades of experience and a passion for automobiles into every car cleaning service to supply an all-around, all-in-one car detailing Saskatoon resource so you never have to search for car detailing near me again! Call to ask us any questions when you’re ready!

Professional Car Polish, Car Wax and Car Buffing Services in Saskatoon, SK, CA

Included in our various auto detailing services is professional car polishing, buffing and waxing. We also do interior car polish and a whole lot more. Click here to read a detailed list of more we can offer for you today.

Appointment-only Internal Auto Detailing
We specialize in auto detailing so if you prefer we can book an appointment in our professional auto body shop where we do more specialized forms of vehicle cleaning like steam car wash services. Call to ask any questions! We're open!
Car Seat Cleaning Service in Saskatoon
car seat vacuuming service

Never have to look for a car seat shampoo service near me again as our car wash experts come equipped to supply interior polish, interior vacuuming, steam cleaning and a lot more!

Car Paint Protection and Correction
paint correction for car detailing saskatoon

Whether it’s a paintless dent repair or full service paint protection for your RV or helicopter, we got you covered with the best car paint detailing services in Saskatoon, SK, CA. Get a paint touch up today!

Car Interior Shampoo Service in Saskatoon
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Aside from exterior vehicle shampoo, we also do a car interior shampoo service and everything in between with an eye for detail. Get your car wash shampoo services handled professionally today!

Truck Detailing Saskatoon Services
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There’s no need to search for truck detailing near me again as you become a VIP client of Auto Detailing Saskatoon. We bring a truck wash to the next level with the best truck wash Saskatoon services!

Saskatoon Engine Detailing Service

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Our engine detailing cost will have you singing, as we clean every bell and whistle with the best engine detailing products. Our team over the years has perfected auto engine cleaning to an art-form. Never have to go questing for car engine detailing near me again as Auto Detailing Saskatoon rises to the call of duty to give your engine the full service wash it deserves today!

Best Van Detailing Prices in Saskatoon

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Why search for van detailing near me when our professional team treats vans with the love they deserve? When it comes to van detailing Saskatoon SK services, we work with an eye for detail and a love for the van which together equates to a kind of auto van cleaning service that you can’t find elsewhere in on this side of Canada. Get your van wash complete!

Expert Car Vacuum Cleaning Services

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Aside from a car vacuum cleaning service we also do car seat steam cleaning, and that goes for every sort of automobile like trucks, limousines, caravans, campers and all others. Why search for car vacuum cleaning services near me when Auto Detailing Saskatoon stays equipped with the best automotive vacuum technology to make your car seats spotless?

  • Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Varsity View, Saskatoon
  • Nutana, Saskatoon
  • College Park, Saskatoon
  • Wildwood, Saskatoon
  • Riversdale, Saskatoon
  • Stonebridge, Saskatoon
  • City Park, Saskatoon
  • Eagle Ridge, SK, CA
  • Furdale, SK, CA
  • Grasswood, SK, CA
  • Casa Rio, SK, CA
  • Cedar Villa Estates, SK,
  • Riverside Estates, SK, CA
  • Sunset Estates, SK, CA
  • Cathedral Bluffs, SK, CA
  • Martensville, SK, CA
  • Vanscoy, SK, CA
  • Beaver Creek, SK, CA
  • Clavet, SK, CA
  • Bradwell, SK, CA
  • And more!
  • Paint protection
  • Paint correction
  • Minor dent removal
  • Rust check
  • Headlight restoration
  • Windshield wiping
  • Tire and rim cleaning
  • Undercoating
  • Exterior polish
  • Exterior wax
  • Car buffing
  • Interior polish
  • Interior vacuuming
  • Interior steam cleaning
  • Interior shampoo
  • Engine detailing
  • Motor detailing
  • Touchless car wash
  • Steam car wash
  • Waterless car wash
  • Full auto spa
  • And more! 
Car Detailing Saskatoon SK
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Auto Detailing Saskatoon thanks you for considering doing business with us. We’ve been working in the car cleaning industry in Saskatchewan Canada for combined decades now and it’s always an honor to meet and service the automobiles of new clients. The City of Saskatoon, we believe, deserves automobiles that sparkle and shine with a touch for detail, and that’s one of the reasons we work hard everyday. If you’d like to book a service and get a free quote with us, simply call (306) 900-4556 and we’d be happy to discuss your car detailing Saskatoon service over the phone. We specialize in car wash Saskatoon services.